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Tips For A Longwearing Base

When the weather starts to warm up my skin always has a bit of a freak out and gets oily, especially when it is cold then hot in the same day. I've been trying out a few new ways of making my base last longer and not to get as oily during the day. Today I thought I would share some of go to things I do that really help things to stay in place.
Tips For A Longwearing Base
Tips For A Longwearing Base
1. Let your moisturiser 'sink in' - This may seem a little obvious but whenever I apply my makeup straight after doing my morning skincare I find things to blend as nicely or last as long. I normally apply my moisturiser then do something else; like getting dressed on my hair, then apply my makeup. Leaving about 5 minutes to let your skincare 'sink in' and get rid of that shiny residue will help your makeup to last longer.
2. Prime, let it set - I love primers as they can make such a difference in the longevity of your makeup. The Rimmel Stay Matte Primer is a great one for getting rid of any shine on the skin and controlling oil. The Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer is a more hydrating option that still helps to keep things in place. Like with my skincare I like to let my primers set for about a minute before applying my foundation. 
3. Translucent powder to set primer - This is a new step i've been trying and it really makes a difference. After applying my primer i've been putting a very fine amount of translucent powder on my t-zone and chin. I only do this where I get very oily and i've really noticed that I get a lot less oily when I do this. By applying just a fine layer it doesn't get cakey under my foundation.
4. Blend, blend and blend some more - This is one of my oldest tricks that I still do all the time. I notice a big difference in how my foundation wears when I spend less time blending it in. I like to apply a thin layer of foundation all over the face, blend it in well. Then apply more product where I need more coverage. Blend again with a buffing brush until the product blends in with the skin. By doing this my foundation last longer and looks a lot more natural. 
5. Set in place - The finally step is powder. I like either a translucent powder or a mattifying one; i've been really liking the Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder recently. I tip with powder is to not apply it straight away after doing your foundation, instead move onto another part of the face; eyes or brows, then apply powder. Leaving a few minutes will give you less of a cakey, powdery look and stops things going patchy. If you've ever found applying powder sometimes whips away your foundation, leaving your foundation to 'set' will stop this from happening. 

So those are some tips to creating a long wearing base. It may sound like a lot but once you've got each step down it really doesn't take that longer to do and will make a great difference in the wear time of your makeup. What steps to you do to ensure your makeup lasts all day?


  1. Yes! You know I hear from people (non bloggers) all the time they don't like to put lotion on before face makeup and it makes me cry inside. You should always use lotion before foundation!

    1. Haha, it always makes me cringe too! I find my foundation goes really patchy without any moisturiser on first!

  2. Great tips. I'll be trying the powder after primer tip! M x

  3. Great tips, I'll be trying putting powder over my primer today xx

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