Hello and welcome to Helen Rambles On. My name is Helen and i'm a 23 Behavioural Sciences graduate who has a big obsession with all things beauty. I started this blog as a place to chat about beauty, especially affordable products that are effective but don't break the bank.

I'm a big skincare lover, as someone who has suffered with bad skin since I was 11/12 I have tried a lot of different products to try and help that. Thankfully my acne has definitely improved, I think this is not just to do with me 'growing out of it' but the fact that I always take care of my skin. I've learn't a lot over the years and another reason why I started this blog was to share what I have learn't because trust me when my skin was at it's worst I would have taken any advice I could!

A newer passion of mine is healthy food and baking. I have a huge sweet tooth so finding recipes that have good ingredients in them and taste amazing is my new favourite thing so expect the odd recipe and health related post here and there. 

Skintype - Oily/Combination.
Complexion - Fair.
Problem areas - Acne that leaves scarring. Some enlarged pores. 
Eye Colour - Blue.
Hair Type - Coloured (highlights), fine hair that gets greasy easily.