Monday, 24 October 2016

Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub - Reviewed!

As a self confessed coffee addict I do get a bit excited when I hear about any coffee themed body products. Coffee scrubs have become popular in recent months and after hearing how effective they are I was excited to finally try one. 
Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub
Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub
Following the coffee theme the scrub comes in a black packet similar to what coffee beans are sold it. I like this touch but I did find it wasn't the easiest of packaging to use in the shower or bath when your hands are wet. The scrub is made of coconut oil, vitamin e, see salt and ground up coffee which makes it very exfoliating but also moisturising at the same time. 
Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub
Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub
The scrub itself looks just like coffee. I have the mandarin scent and when you open the packet you get hit with a lovely orange and coffee scent. You can use the scrub on both the face and body as well as leaving it on the skin for five minutes to make the skin even smoother. I will say that this scrub is a bit messy so it's probably best to use in the shower. That is the only downside since after using it my skin felt so smooth and soft, but not dry. I think this would be a great scrub to use once a week if you have dry skin or before fake tanning as it leaves the skin so smooth. 

Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub* retails for £14.95. 

If you're a coffee lover and can deal with a bit of a messy scrub i'd definitely recommend giving this a go. They also have a few other scents to choose from including peppermint and coconut. Have you tried this coffee bean scrub?

*PR Sample

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