Tuesday, 13 March 2012

TAG - Get To Know Me

I loving reading and watching TAG videos but I've never done one myself. I thoguht I would do this one so that you guys could know a bit more about me!

Vital Stats:
Name - Helen
Nicknames - My Mum calls me Hells Bells sometimes but most people just call me Helen
Birthday - 4th September 1992
Place of Birth - Huddersfield
Star Sign - Virgo
Occupation - Student studying a degree in Behavioural Sciences

Hair colour - Naturally brown but now I've been having blonde highlights for a while so it's fairly blonde now
Hair length - Just past my shoulders
Eye colour - Blue
Best feature - I like my eyes and lips and my shoulders/chest area haha
Braces - No
Piercings - No, although i've considered getting my ears pierced a few times
Tattoos - No, but I do love them and might get some in the future even though my Mum hates them!
Righty of Lefty - Righty

Best friend - I can't remember her name which is pretty bad, but she was our next door nieghbour when I was little but she moved away before I started school.
Award - Probably something in swimming
Sport - I used to do swimming in Junior School
Real Holiday - We used to go to Jersey I lot when I was young so probably there
Concert - Haha, I went to see Busted in Manchester when I was 10 (I think) and I thought it was amazing! My music taste has since improved a lot!

Film - I have some many, I love the the Christopher Nolan Batman films and can't wait for The Dark Knight Rises! I have a really wide taste when it comes to films, I like most things
TV Show - Again I have a lot! Breaking Bad is probably my favourite or Saturday Night Live
Colour - Purple
Song - I couldn't possible choose!
Restaurant - I love Nando's, does that count!?
Store - Boots, HMV, New Look, Topshop
Book - Anthony Kiedis - Scar Tissue
Magazine - Q Magazine for music and Company for fashion and beauty
Shoes - My Boots from Topshop or my Converse

Feeling - Happy since it's sunny!
Single or Taken - Single
Eating - I just had some grapes
Listening to - I was listening to Smodcast earlier
Thinking about - How Jimmy Page is still an awesome guitarist and person
Watching - It Might Get Loud
Wearing - Grey jeans, I love the big apple t-shirt and some flip flops!

Want Children - Think so
Want to be married - Yeah
Careers in mind - Not fully sure, maybe something to do with my degree! Or something to do with beauty, it keeps changing!
Where do you want to live - I'd love to live in London or New York but it depends on what job I end up doing

Do you believe in:
God - No
Miracles - Not really
Love at first sight - I guess so
Ghosts - I've never seen one but i've heard people tell stories about seeing ghosts so i'm not sure!
Aliens - Yeah, I don't see how we can be the only ones here! Although they're probably not little green men!
Soul Mates - I don't think that there is only one person out there for you but people can become soul mates over time
Heaven - No
Hell - No
Kissing on the first date - Yeah
Yourself - I don't really get this one, but I will say yes! 

So thats the questions done, if you've done this TAG or have any other good TAG's let me know in the comments :)

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