Saturday, 31 March 2012

Random March Favourites

This month has been a long one with me, I've had essays to do and I've been ill for the first time in ages for over a week! I'm slowly feeling better now and I have a good range of favourites from this month to share. 

TV- The Walking Dead

I was on the look for a new TV show to watch whilst I was waiting for Breaking Bad to come back (July is so far away!) So I thought I would watch The Walking Dead. Oh my god it is such a good show! I watched season 1 & 2 in a few weeks and now that it's on a break till the next series i'm kind of upset but glad that i've found another show I love.

Music- Jack White
Oh I do love this man, the past few months I have been listening to all his bands. From The White Stripes, The Racontuers, The Dead Weather to his new solo stuff I just can't get enough! I was very lucky to get tickets to see him in London in June and I seriously can't wait, I'm very excited!

Documentary- It Might Get Loud
I really love music documentaries and this is one of my favourites. Of course the fact it has Jack White in it and Jimmy Page who I both love. It's great hearing their stories of how they got into music and hearing them all play together some of their most famous songs was just great.

App- Bloglovin'
I finally joined bloglivin' and Hello Cotton this month (you can follow me on both through the bottons on the right) and I think they are both great ways to find new blogs. I really do love the bloglovin' app becuase it means I can even catch up on blogs when i'm out which definitely helps in those boring frees at Uni!

Films- Public Enemies
I love everything about this film, the actors, the clothes, the romance I could go on! It is based on a real story of bank robbers and the whole film is just so well made. I would definitely recommend this to anyone because it is one of my favourites of recent years.

So thats my random favourites for this month, what were some of your film, TV or music favourites for this month?

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