Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Benefit Confession Of A Concealaholic Palette - Reviewed!

I bought this palette last summer when Feel Unique had 20% of Benefit products for one day. I thought this would be something good to get so I could try out a few products at once. I'm always on the hunt for a good primer and concealer so this was perfect to try.
The first thing I want to say about it is how much I love the packaging. It is displayed as a diary and when you open it, it has a mirror and an instruction book of how to use each product. I like that Benefit do this in case you were unsure how or where each product works best.
Onto the actual products inside! I do like how they are set out, a downside can be that some of the products are built into the palette meaning you would have to take the whole set if you were travelling. To me this can be a good and a bad thing.
As you can see all the products are sample size. Although saying this you still get a good amount of each product to try to see if it works for you. They are also good travel sizes.
The first product is the That Gal Primer (Full size retaisl for £21.50). This claims to pro-long the wear of foundation and give a glow to the skin. It is a light pearly pink shade that blends into the skin clear. This does have some highlight to it but I didn't find it did anything amazing to pro-longing my foundation. When I use this I use another primer all over my face then apply this on the cheekbones or down the nose to give some glow. This product isn't anything special and I would'nt buy the full size since I rarely reach for it.
The next product is Erase Paste (Full Size retails for £19.50). This claims to work best as an under eye concealer to eliminate blue tones and dark circles. I love this product! I don't suffer from terrible dark circles but I do get blue tones around my eyes. This covers them so well and lasts all day. The shade you get in the set is Medium 02 which is a bit too dark for me so I bought the full size in Fair 01 which is perfect. I would definitely recommend this product and you can read my full review here.
The next product is Bo-ing Concealer (Full Size retails for £16.50). This concealer claims to work best for covering blemishes and redness. This is another product I loved in this palette. I like how you get two shades, (Fair and Medium) and I often blend the two to get the perfect shade. This works great for covering redness and acne scars. It is creamy and very easy to blend. I really like this and will probably buy the full size and some point.
The next product is Eye Brightener (purple one, Full Size retails for £14.00). This claims to brighten the incorners of the eyes. I really didn't get along with this product. The first thing is that it is so thick that it is hard to get any product out. When you apply it it does cover any blue tones or redness but I really wouldn't say it brightened the eyes. I would buy this as a full sized product. 

The next is Lemon Aid (yellow one, Full Size retails for £16.50). This claims to cancel out any imperfection on the eyelids such as veins and work as a primer to pro-long eyeshadows. This isn't as thick as Eye Bright but you still need to warm it up with you finger first. It definitely covers the veins on the eyes very well and looks natural even though it is yellow toned. The only problem is the it creases! Even on its on and with eyeshadows on. Due to this I probably wouldn't buy the full size.
With the set you also get two double ended brushes. This are very useable even though they are small. I personally found that these products do work better if you use your fingers to apply them.

All in all I would recomend this palette if you are wanting to try out a few prodcuts from Benefit. I have found two products that I love (Erase Paste and Bo-ing) that I would or have already bought the full size of. There are also some other products that i'm glad I didn't waste money on buying the full size. 

Confession Of A Concealaholic Palette retails for £28.50 and is available here.


  1. hi, love to read your review!

    seems like you're interested in same products with me .. so nice! ^^


  2. yah i forgot to ask, do you think erase paste can be work to cover redness & blemishes too?

    because i've just deal to buy sample size of benefit erase paste, in purpose to cover my redness & blemishes .. i wish it was a good decision.

    1. Thank you, it works best under the eyes but also works well on redness. I think you will love it :)


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