Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Collection 2000 Super Size Fat Lash Mascara - Reviewed!

After using up a lot of old mascaras last month (4 in total!) I thought I would try this Collection 2000 mascara after hearing some goodd things about it and it not being that expensive.
First off I really like the packaging, it's simple and pink and black always work very well together. It is a smaller tube compared to other mascaras i've used especially ones like mayebeline which have some what chunky packaging.
The brush is rather large and is tappered towards the end. I don't find that product gathers on the end which I like. For me I found it lengthens my lashes. Due to the fact I have not the greatest of lashes which are short and don't have much curl to them I don't find that this is this greatest mascara for me. I do find it works well over the top of another mascara but on it's own I personally find it doesn't define them enough or give me enough curl. I do however think that this mascara would be good for someone who has fairly good lashes because it does give a nice natural look to the lashes and for the price it is a pretty good deal. I do love the wand and if you're on a budget this would be a great mascara to try.

Collection 2000 Super Size Fat Lash Mascara retails for £2.99 and is available here.


  1. I purchased this in boots with a £2 off mascara voucher (yepp Im a great bargain hunter at times!!) and I liked this mascara, mine collects alot of product at the bottom, Im jealous that yours doesnt, for a natural day look I agree its a nice mascara but I love big lashes so it doesnt do the job by itself :( but for 99p Im not complaining!!

    1. Haha wow that was a good deal, thats exactly what I tend to do which is wear it when I dont have much make-up on. I agree if im putting mascara on I want big lashes!

    2. I printed off two of the vouchers so got this mascara and a lippy from collection 2000 for 99p aswell! Its always good to look at what offers you can get! 17 falsifye is the best ive tried so far for big lashes!

    3. Oh might have to try that one next :)


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