Thursday, 22 March 2012

MAC Plumful Lipstick

So this is only my second MAC lipstick, I really like them but I find it hard to bring myself to shell out £13.50 on one lipstick! Due to this I do a lot of research before I buy anything high end to make sure I will like it.
I personally love the MAC lipsticks packaging because it looks so sleek and simple. It also feels good quality unlike some drugstore lipstick which feel like they might break in half when applying, this is the opposite of that.
'Plumful' is a Lustre finish which means it is 'Demi sheer with a smooth wet look' this means that is has a glossy finish and has a sheer colour pay off, it also means that it doesn't last long on the lips. I personally find that this shade gives a lovely plum shade to the lips, it does last ok on the lips and even when the gloss finish has worn off it still acts as a stain to the lips.
I love this shade and I think it would look good all year round even though it is a plum shade, you can build the colour up as well which I really like.

MAC Lipsticks retail for £13.50 and are available here.

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  1. This colour looks soo pretty! I absolutely love plum coloured lipsticks!!

    Fee xx


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