Monday, 2 July 2012

June Empties!

After using it so many products last month (post here) I honestly didn't think I would have enough empties for a post but suprise suprise I do! 
 Hair -
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical - I've tried so many dry shampoos but I always go back to this one. It smell likes coconut and makes my hair feel fresh. I always repurchase this. 
  • Garnier Bamboo Flexihold Hairspray - I really liked this hairspray, it gives a good amount of hold and you can brush it out and it doesn't make your hair feel hard. It smells lovely too, I will be repurchasing this after i've used up a few other hairsprays. 
  • Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour Deep Treatment - This is the best hair mask i've found for coloured hair, it makes my hair feel soft and my highlights look bright. I have repurchased this before and will again. 
Shower -
  • Bontanics Softening Body Wash - This body wash made it into my favourites this month, I was so suprised at how nice it made my skin feel and it smells so clean and fresh. I will be repurchasing it soon.
  • Impereal Leather Foamburst - I love these for shaving my legs, this isn't my favourite scent so I probably won't get this exact one again but it is a great product.
Bodycare -
  • Palmers Natural Bronze Body Lotion - This is a great gradual tanner, it gives a really natural tan and lasts well on the skin. The smell is a bit strong but I have already repurchased this. 
  • Garnier Summer Body - This is another favourite gradual tanner of mine. It isn't as dark as the Palmers one but still gives a natural tan and smells lovely. I've repurchased this many a time. 
  • Soap & Glory Heel Genius - I did really like this foot cream, it had a pleasant scent and really moisturised my feet without being too greasy. I would probably buy this again.
Other -
  • Superdrug Fragrance Free Baby Wipes - I get these instead of facial wipes because they are so much cheaper and work just as well. 
  • Natural Collection Vanila Body Spray - I love these body sprays because they are so affordable, the vanila scent is my favourite in Winter so I think I will try a more fruity scent for Summer next.
  • MUA Clear Mascara - I really like this clear mascara for my brows because it only costs £1, mine had pretty much stopped working this month so I had to repurchase it!
So that's this months empties, if you've done an empties post please link it below because I love reading them! 


  1. I always go back to batiste too :) I get mine from Home Bargains for just £1.50! I really like Garnier gradual tanner too but will try Palmers one next time I need one :)
    MUA clear mascara is my favourite after your recommendation :)

    Sylwia xxx

    1. It is seriously the best, i'm glad to hear you like it :)

  2. I'm currently using the Garnier summer body and I love it! :) xo

    1. It is such a good product and smells lush! :)

  3. Heel Genius has been a life saver for me -- my feet have been so dry & this came to the rescue.

    1. It definitely saved my feet in the colder months! :)


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