Sunday, 29 July 2012

Random July Favourites!

I mentioned in this months beauty favourites how busy I have been this month but I have still found time to fit in a few films and listen to some awesome music so these are my random favourites for this month!

Films -
 I have been waiting for this movie since the credits on The Dark Knight came up and it did not disappoint. I won't say much about the plot but if you are even just a little bit interested in this film go see it because it is awesome.

I'm slowly trying to watch all those films that i've heard great things about but never seen, this being on of them. I really loved this film Kevin Spacey is such a good actor especially in this. It has that famous scene of a girl lying naked on a load of rose petals. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already. 

TV -
Breaking Bad is back! This is by far the best show on at the moment and only two episodes into Season 5 (the last season!) I can already tell it is going to be just as good and dark as the previous series. Do yourself a favour and watch this show!

Music -
As someone who is a huge The Mars Volta fan I have been checking out every band/project related to them. I came across Zechs Marquise who's line up feature 3 of Omar Rodriguez Lopez' brothers (Omar being the main man behind The Mars Volta) one of these brothers being a member of The Mars Volta himself. They do really cool instrumental music which is definitely worth checking out. 

App -
Last month I got an iphone and so i've been on the hunt for some good apps. I came across Camera+ when looking for something to edit my pictures on my phone. You can do all sorts on this app and for 69p it is definitely worth it.

So there are my random favourites for this month. What music, films or TV shows have you been loving this month?


  1. I love American Beauty - its one of my favourite films.


    1. Same, can't believe I didn't watch it sooner :)

  2. Have to say im loving the trailers for Ted at the moment....looks really funny!!

    found you via BBU blog hop...pop over and say hi

    1. Oh i want to see that, another trip to the cinema is needed :)

  3. I don't know if you've seen it, but Spiderman was really good! :) x


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