Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sleek Eau La La Liner in Cocoa - Reviewed!

I used to wear eyeliner all the time, lots of black liner making my eyes look a bit like a panda! Oh to be 15 again.. Now I go for a more minimal look but I do still do love a bit of brown liner every now and then because it isn't as harsh as black, I learnt my lesson the hard way I guess.
Sleek are fasr becoming one of my favourite drugstore brands and when I heard they had brought out these new liners I knew I had to try one. Sleek say they are 'Highly pigmented with a unique waterproof formulation, Eau La La are the ultimate in liner luxury. Enriched with a soft, creamy formulation, Eau La La are perfect for use on the eyes, lips, brows and body.'
I decided to try the shade 'Cocoa' which a lovely deep brown shade, if you apply a thick line it can almost look black. The thing I love about this liner is that because it is creamy it doesn't drag on your eye, but it also isn't too creamy in that it loses it's shape. I really like the 'Sleek' black packaging and the fact that it is a colour end so if you get a few different shades it is easy to tell which is which!
The liner is really waterproof too, I would say you have 10-20 seconds to blend it out if you wish before it dries and then it won't budge all day, and I mean all day! I love applying this on my upper lash line and I don't find it transfers onto my bottom lashes at all which means a big thumbs up from me! 

Another thing I love about this liner is that is sharpens like a dream! I don't know how they've done that, i'm guessing the wood is different from you average liner. I can see that there will be not waste with the end breaking all the time.

So there's the swatches, the left shows one stroke of the liner and the right is it blended out. I've seriously found myself reaching for this most days because it is so versatile and easy to use. 

This is hands down one of the best eyeliners i've ever tried and I will definitely be picking up a few more shades. It comes in so many different colours too, I think the red/pink shades would make great lip liners. 

Sleek Eau La La Liners retail for £4.00 and are available here.

Have you tried theses liners? What is your favourite eyeliner?


  1. I wear brown eyeliner, I find black to harsh for me too. I think it looks best on blondes :) xx

  2. I totally agree, I hardly ever wear black liner these days!

  3. I think everyone has gone through the awkward panda stage. xD I should give brown a go myself.

    1. Haha I think so too! You should definitely try brown, it looks great :)

  4. Congrats on being pick of the day on Bloggers! New follower!

    ♥ Shia

    1. Thank you, I hope you enjoy my blog :)

  5. Congratulations on making the homepage on bloggers! This sounds like a really awesome eyeliner, I can't stand it when eyeliners pull on your eyes; I'm glad to hear this one doesn't.


    ps. If you follow, I'll return the favour :)

  6. i love sleek too, great product! i enjoy using sleek blush. great post darl am following do find time to visit my blog.


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