Sunday, 30 November 2014

November Non-Beauty Favourites

I haven't done a non beauty favourites in a while and i've been loving a few things that I felt like sharing so i'm bringing it back this month. I've been a bit ill on and off this month, I think somewhat due to the change of weather. On a plus side it's given me the chance to catch up on a few TV shows and listen to some new music.
November Non-Beauty Favourites
Music -
The most exciting music release for me this month has been Foo Fighters Sonic Highways. I have been loving the album and the TV show that goes along with it, my brother was very nice to get me the limited edition New York cover vinyl. We also managed to get tickets to see them at Wembley next June which I am already so excited about. One of the support acts is Royal Blood who i've started listening to and i've been really liking. I think it's so good to hear a new heavier rock band that I think will be around for a while.
TV -
I've been mainly watching Sons Of Anarchy which has been so good this finale season, Homeland, again i've really been enjoying this season which I didn't expect after the big death last season. A new show i've been obsessed with is How To Get Away With Murder, if you like a show with lots of twist and to be gripped every episode watch this show. To get my nerdy comedy fix I started watching Silicon Valley which I got through so quickly and loved every minute.
Cooking -
In an attempt to eat healthier i've been trying out a few recipes. I've been having porridge everyday and making soups and homemade pizza. I've also been making a lot of healthy treats to stop me snacking on unhealthy sugary options. My favourite website for healthy sweet treats is Chocolate Covered Katie, every recipe i've used has turned out so well.
Fitness -
To go along with the healthy eating i've been doing some more workouts at home. Youtube is full of fitness videos. My favourites have the be Blogilaties who has so many different videos including a few healthy recipes for good measure. I love her 6 mins to series as the workouts are quick to do yet you can really feel it afterwards. I tend to do a couple of her videos at a time. I've also been loving yoga a lot. I love Yoga With Adriene who is really easy to follow if you're a beginner but also gives you more advanced moves.

So those are some things i've been loving this month. It's been a lot colder this month so i've been layering up a lot, especially for early morning dog walks. When we get back Rufus and I tend to fight over who gets the most blanket on the sofa! What non beauty things have you been loving lately?

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