Monday, 24 November 2014

Vo5 Cherish My Colour Full Bodied Spray - Reviewed!

I can be a bit picky with what I want when it comes to haircare. I want to protect my colour, add volume all without weighing down. I've become a big fan of Vo5 styling products so when I was looking for a new heat protector I spotted this and it claimed to do everything I wanted.
Vo5 Cherish My Colour Full Bodied Spray
Vo5 Cherish My Colour Full Bodied Spray
The bottle is in a hot pink colour like most of Vo5 haircare products and comes in a spray bottle making it easy to use the product. The first thing I like about this is that it doesn't drench the hair when you spray it giving you a good amount of control with the product.
Vo5 Cherish My Colour Full Bodied Spray
Vo5 Cherish My Colour Full Bodied Spray
The product claims to protect colour from fading for up to 2x longer, add volume when blow dried whilst acting as a heat defense. The product has a lovely sweet scent which lingers in the hair making it smell lovely and clean. It doesn't feel sticky and heavy in the hair and applied to damp hair then blow dried gives a nice amount of volume to the hair. I've been using it for a couple of weeks and I can say that my colour seems to be still looking vibrant which could be down to adding this into my routine.

I think it's a great all round product and if you have fine hair especially I think this would be perfect as it doesn't feel like you have any product in the hair. For the price and all the benefits that it has I think it is a great product worth giving a go.

What are your favourite Vo5 haircare products?

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