Sunday, 26 July 2015

July Health Favourites

I think the word balance has summed up this months thoughts on the health kick. My plan at the start of the year was definitely to have a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain and not stress out about. This is where balance comes in; there's been a lot of celebrating this month due to me passing my driving test so pizza and chocolate happened a few times. After having a 'treat day' I try to eat well the next day which really has helped to keep me on track and stop any guilty thoughts and be able to enjoy myself. 
July Health Favourites
I discovered these New York Bagel Co. Seeded Bagel Thins this month and i've been loving them. At 130 calories each they're a lot lighter than a normal bagel and don't leave me feeling bloated. I have the with cream cheese and cucumber with a side salad and it's a great, easy and filling lunch. 
It's hard to remember a time where I didn't enjoy avocado now. I have them with salad all the time, on toast or as a side. I made this tomato veggie stew thing with some sweet potato and avocado on the side which was so good. I also had it on top of this Mexican style rice, veggie bowl with some salsa which was again easy to make and a great lunch. 
As I mentioned chocolate cake and more chocolate happened this month so I haven't made a lot of sweet snacks recently. I did make a batch of these raw cookie dough bites which were really good. Next month I think I will make some more things and test out some more energy ball recipes. 
July Health Favourites
I've been slowly having more coffee so i've been trying to ease up on that again and go back to tea. Luckily most of the month the weather has been pretty rubbish and not too hot for tea. I find that drinking a cup mid afternoon helps to perk me up and stop me snacking on things before dinner. 
This month I think i've really started to understand my body more. After eating well for half the year now i've begun to know what my body needs in certain situation. For example, after having a 'treat night' I was actually craving a green smoothie the morning after which really helped to make me feel better. I've still been working out but not worrying if I skip a day, instead getting back to it when I can fit it in. I've found if I stress out about eating something 'bad' or not working out it's a lot harder to get back on track. Speaking about working out i've definitely noticed how much stronger I now feel and my endurance has definitely improved. Seeing changes like this definitely helps with the motivation to keep going. 

At the end of August I got to America for just over a week so some treats will definitely be had but I do plan on doing as much walking as I can which brings me back to the word balance which has become my view on a healthy lifestyle. What have your health favourites been this month? Have you found any new recipes, foods or workouts recently? 

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