Monday, 5 January 2015

Seventeen Lip Crayons - Reviewed!

I've become a bit of a lip crayon junkie over the past year or so. So many brands have brought out their own version and every time I have the urge to try them. I hadn't tried the Seventeen offering, even though they've been out a while now but when I spotted a set in the sales I had to give them a go.
Seventeen Lip Crayons
Seventeen Lip Crayons
The packaging is nice and simple, coming in the classic lip crayon form. Each shades packaging matching the colour of the product which is always handy when you have more than one shade.
Seventeen Lip Crayons
Seventeen Lip Crayons
L-R Superstar, Bold, Playful, Knockout
The formula is creamy with a slightly glossy finish. As the product wears on the lips this goes to more of a matte finish leaving a slight stain to the lips; this is most noticeable with the darker shade. The shade Superstar is a pale nude colour with is the least pigmented therefore looks very sutble on the lips. A great way to wear this would be over a darker, matte shade to give a glossy finish and make it a little less bold. Bold is a bright orange shade which I think will be perfect in the Summer. This, like all the shades can be applied lightly on the lips to give a more sheer finish. Playful is your classic baby pink, very wearable for everyday. Finally Knockout is a beautiful plum shade and is the shade i've gotten the most wear out of as it is perfect for this time of year.

The darker shades do last longer on the lips; the lightest shade giving around 1 hour wear with the darkest shade lasting around 4 hours. They're not the most long wearing but are easy to apply and feel moisturising on the lips whilst giving a lovely amount of colour. For the price I think these are a great find and have been a great addition to my handbag. 

 Seventeen Lip Crayons retail for £4.99.

Have you tried Seventeen's lip crayons?


  1. I've got the shade Playful and it is really nice but I do find that there are quite a few others lip crayons from different brands that I reach for more often! x

  2. I haven't tried these yet, but I have to get my hands on 'Knockout'! Great review!



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