Friday, 9 January 2015

Clearasil Daily Care Superfruit Refreshing Pads - Reviewed!

For the past few months i'd been having these weird bumps/breakouts on my forehead and nothing seemed to be getting rid of them. I stripped my skincare routine back and used clay masks which helped but I was still left with this uneven texture. I heard that these pads were a good alternative to the expensive exfoliating pads so I picked them up in hopes they would fix them problem.
Clearasil Daily Care Superfruit Refreshing Pads
Clearasil Daily Care Superfruit Refreshing Pads
I haven't tried Clearasil products in a long time but it looks as if they've brought out a lot more gentle products suited to more skin types; These pads being on of those products. The packaging is nice and simple, the pads are in a tub which makes sure that they don't dry out. There is a berry scent to these which might be off putting for some people but I find it to be rather pleasant.
Clearasil Daily Care Superfruit Refreshing Pads
Clearasil Daily Care Superfruit Refreshing Pads
The pads themselves are you standard cotton pad size. They're also fairly wet which surprised me as you feel like you're getting a good amount of product on each pad. I tend to swipe over my face with one side then repeat again with the other. You can use this morning and night but I stick to just using them at night after cleansing. There's a slight tingle sometimes but they don't feel harsh or drying. After a few uses my skin really felt a lot cleaner and smooth. The bumps on my forehead and practically gone and I think these definitely helped that. An added bonus is they're good to use on breakouts as I find it helps them to go quicker and keep that area clean.

If you have combination or spotty skin I would definitely recommend giving these a go. They're great to use if your skin is feeling a bit congested and greasy. I've been really surprised by how much I like these and will definitely be picking up another tub when they run out. 

Have you tried these? Have you tried any products from Clearasil recently?

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