Friday, 23 January 2015

January Health Favourites

This year, like most people i'm making a real push to be healthier when it comes to eating and working out. At the end of last year I started to do this but this year i'm really going to try and stick to it. To help me along the way I thought I would share some of my health favourites each month as I try new things.
January Health Favourites
Starting with my favourite part, food. This month I started eating more greek yoghurt, my favourite is the Fage Total 0%. I've had this with frozen mango, or mixed with cocoa powder and agave to make a sweet chocolate treat. I've been having overnight oats a lot this month for a quick breakfast and i've been using it in all of them to make the oats extra creamy. If you're looking for healthy, quick, filling breakfasts overnight oats are the way to go. Baking wise I made some Sweet Potato Brownies which were super tasty and easy to make.

I've made a big push to cut down on coffee, i've done really well with this and had less than 5 coffees in the whole month! To replace it in the morning i've been having hot water with lemon and throughout the day the Sainsbury's Green Tea with Peach is really good.

I've been trying to work out at least every week day. I've done pretty well at this and only missed 2-3 days in the whole month. My favourites have been the PopSugarFitness videos, they have 5, 10 and 30 minute workouts which are really great. Also this FitnessBlender Cardio workout is really good. I'm definitely not a cardio person but that workout I actually enjoy doing! 
January Health Favourites Cookbooks
I treated myself do some new cookbooks to help to keep me on track. The Oh She Glows Cookbook is a great one for healthy vegan meals. Everything in here looks amazing, there's breakfast, snacks, main meals and sweets. I've tried the Portabello Mushroom Fajitas and the baked oatmeal which were both really good. Chocolate Covered Katie is one of my favourite food blogs, her sweet treats are so amazing and good for you. Definitely one to get if you have a sweet treat. I also picked up the I Quit Sugar book as i'm trying to reduce my sugar intake. There's lots of information on sugar and some good recipes. I've tried some of the soups recipes which were very filling and easy to make.

So those are my January health favourites. Hopefully this was interesting if like me you're trying to stay healthy this year. If you've been on a health kick i'd love to here what have been some of your favourites this month, especially if you have any good cookbook recommendations.

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