Saturday, 8 December 2012

Winter Skin Essentials

My skin seems to go a little crazy when the cold weather hits, my normally smooth and soft goes goes dry and is calling for moisture. I thought it would be helpful to share with you some of my current favourite products to use this time of year. 

Firstly i'm going to talk about skincare; which is definitely my most favourite part. During Winter my oily skin goes a lot more combination especially if i've had a blemish the skin around it goes very dry and flakey. 
 The cleanser which has made my evening skincare routine perfect is the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm. This is a balm cleanser which is perfect for Winter and removes all my make-up and leaves my skin feeling skin and nourished. If I using a face mask the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask is perfect because it hydrates the skin leaving it feeling smooth as well as helping with any pesky blemishes. For lips I can't be without the Nuxe Rive De Miel Lip Balm, it's just amazing for dry lips.  
Next I have serums which is the newest introduction into my skincare routine. The first one I have is the REN Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Night Serum. This is a lovely light serum great for blemish prone skin. I haven't been using it long enough to have seen results but I do think it is a great product. I tend to use the in the evening. For the morning I have Hydraluron which is great for dehydrated skin because it increase the moisture in the skin. This is a great product and definitely worth the hype it's been getting. 
Onto make-up, if i'm looking for a light product the Dr Jart Regenerating BB Cream. This is a thick product but feels light and moisturising on the skin and gives a light/medium coverage. For foundation i've really been loving the Bourjous Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. Due to this being a serum it feels hydrating and like the BB Cream feels light on the skin whilst still giving a medium coverage.
Finally I have a few body products, first is an old favourite; the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter. This smells lovely and is very moisturising to the skin, I love using this after The Breakfast Scrub which gets rid of any dry patches. For feet I have loved The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector because it is the most moisturising foot cream I have ever tried. Lastly is my favourite hand cream the Roger & Gallett Creme Sublime Hands & Nail Cream. This has a lovely orange scent and leaves my hands feeling lovely and soft. 

So there are my Winter essentials, these are just the basics of what I use but I thought it would be helpful to anyone's who's skin has taken a beating in this cold weather. What are your Winter essentials?


  1. I really love the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum now we've reached the colder months! So perfect xo

    1. I was never a huge fan of it at first because I tried it in summer but it is definitely the perfect winter foundation :)

  2. Emma Hardie is a must have for winter! Not too keen on Hydraluron though, I don't think it does much for me x

    1. Love the Emma Hardie, on the fence still about Hydraluron I think it makes a good base for make-up though :)


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