Thursday, 20 December 2012

Dr Jart Regenerating BB Cream - Reviewed!

I am definitely a huge BB Cream fan, I love the coverage they give and how light they feel on my skin. I have of course tried a good few since they came popular but one brand I was a little late to jump on the band waggon with was Dr Jart. I thought I didn't need to try anymore BB Creams I got a half price off skincare voucher in Boots and I thought it was the perfect time to give Dr Jart a go.
Now Dr Jart actually do 4 different BB Creams for different ages and skin types so there should be one that fits your needs. I decided to try the Regenerating version which claims to 'Promote cell regeneration, sunscreen of SPF 30, cover redness and spots whilst being an alcohol free moisturiser.' 
I love the fact this has a high SPF making it a great product to use in Summer although it's good to wear SPF all year round. The product is actually rather thick but I apply it with my fingers and I find it blends easily into the skin like a moisturiser. I then buff it into my skin with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to make sure it is blended evenly.
The coverage is very good, it is definitely more of a medium coverage and covers blemishes and scarring without looking cakey. This feels like you've just applied moisturiser to you skin and actually helps my skin feel smoother. I find it lasts well on my skin and it does fade evenly, it also doesn't cling to any dry patches on my face. The thing I love about this is how natural it looks on my skin; the colour is perfect for my skintone but it does only come in one shade which is a shame however I do think it would work for a fair to medium skintones.

This is definitely up there as one of the best BB Creams i've tried and it has been perfect for my skin in Winter which has been a lot more dry but I do think that it would also be good on oily skins. It something I definitely will repurchase when i've used it all up.

Dr Jart Regenerating BB Cream retails for £21.00.

Have you tried Dr Jart BB Creams?


  1. This is the best BB cream I've tried :) xx

    1. I think it might be my favourite too, I like it even more every time I use it!

  2. Reading up on these BB creams as they're on offer in boots right now - This review was helpful, thanks x


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