Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Film You Should See But Haven't Heard Of

I thought instead of my just banging on about beauty all the time I thought it would be fun for me to do some movie reviews; because as well as being in love with all things beauty I love watching films especially ones that aren't that well know. Today I thought I would review a film I watched recently and just had to share. 
The film is written and directed by Josh Radnor better know as Ted from How I Met Your Mother, he is also the main character but doesn't play a 'Ted' role which was nice to see him do something different.
Plot -
'A comedy drama about a story of relationships that deals with the struggles facing several pairs trying to find their way.' 
The film starts off with Sam (Radnor) meeting a young boy on the subway who gets separated from his family. Sam looks after him and you find out the boy is actually a foster child who doesn't want to go back to the family he was living with. The pair make a bound and Sam doesn't want to give him back even though he should. 
In the story you also meet Sam's friends, one called Annie who suffers from Alopecia who is trying to find a reason to love. You also meet is friends Mary and her boyfriend Charlie who are facing the prospect of leaving New York and finally Mississippi who is a waitress/singer trying to make it in the big apple. 

The film deals with love and relationships is a much more realistic way that most and the way it shows that each person see there own problems and how this differs from how they see other peoples problems is really good. 

One of my favourite things about this film is how well written it is which really helps the pace of the movie which is also great. I didn't find I was bored in any parts when the plot was building. I don't really have any negatives for the film, it's not something that will blow you away with how it was shot or anything but it really does have a human element to it. The soundtrack to the film is also really good and adds to the film in a really good way.

All in all I really do love this film and it's sad that not many people would have heard of it due to it not having a hugely wide release.

Overall I would give it 8.5/10

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