Saturday, 6 October 2012

Avene Cleanance K Cream Gel - Reviewed!

Today I have a review of my go to moisturiser I was using in the Summer (you could definitely use it all year round). Avene is a brand I haven't tried too many products from but after receiving a sample of this cream I knew I had to buy the full size.
The packaging is nice and simple, because this is a French skincare brand a lot of the writing is in French which for me was a little confusing when looking at the other products from the range. The moisturiser is aimed at oily and problem skin as is this whole range but Avene have a cream and a full range of products for every skin type which is good.
This is a light cream so for me it is perfect for using as a morning moisturiser because it is a great base for make-up. It makes my skin feel smooth and matte, it feels nice on it's own if i'm going make-up free or with my foundations over the top of it.
I would say it is more of a gel than a cream which helps it feel so light weight. It does have a 'cream' scent to it but nothing too overpowering. The ingredients (glycolic acid) in the cream help to reduce blemishes and improve the appearance of the skin, I didn't see a huge difference but it didn't make anything worse. I do use the Alpha H Liquid Gold as well so if you don't use other AHA products you may see more results than I did. This wasn't the most moisturising cream I have used hence why I found it perfect for the warmer months but I also found it didn't irritate my skin in anyway at all.

All in all this is a great light weight cream that is great for wearing under make-up especially in the Summer. I would definitely recommend trying it if you have oily skin. I would also recommend Avene as a brand in general because the few products I have tried have been very nice. 

Avene Cleanance K Cream Gel is available from Boots and retails for £10.50.

What is your favourite day cream?


  1. I really like Avene as a brand, and this does sound really nice! I normally use Olay's Beauty Fluid during the day, as it's moisturising but doesn't make my skin feel oilier x

  2. I'm pretty sure I have a sample of this somewhere- I want to give it a go now!x

  3. Just remembered I have some samples that need using up!


  4. I want to try this product since I have oily skin. I have tried different products before but most of them didn't work well with my skin. I hope this product will help me.

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  7. Thanks,I will recomendation to my girlfrind

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