Monday, 8 October 2012

NYC Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny - Reviewed!

Today I have another review of a product I picked up in America. This is a well raved about bronzer that for some reason isn't easily available in the UK. I have become a big fan of bronzer recently and this has fast become on of my favourites.
The packaging for me is the only let down of this product, it is plastic and a bit cheap looking. However for the price, I can get past this.
The hing on the compact does feel a little weak and that it could snap after some hard usage. The compact does come with a decent sized mirror which you could actually apply your make-up using if you needed.
Sunny is a completely matte bronzer with a cute sun design on it. I love the fact this is matte because it means it is the perfect bronzer to help lift your complexion, something that I personally need at this time of year.
I don't find any orange tones in the bronzer making it perfect for pale skin, I also think it would work well on tanned skin as well. To use this bronzer I use a big brush such as the Real Techniques Blush brush and apply when the sun would hit my face. I love how healthy this bronzer makes my skin look, I also think it is the perfect product to use all year round. I love this bronzer and it has taken the place of my NARS Laguna bronzer (for now!). I would definitely recommend trying it especially if you have pale skin and have had problems trying to find a good bronzer that isn't orange.

NYC Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny can be found on Ebay here.

Have you tried this? What is your favourite bronzer?


  1. I have not tried any NYC make up yet, I agree about the packaging but then I suppose that's why the price is low x

  2. I always look for this in the shops and NEVER see it. Looks great though. Now I want it even more... X


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