Saturday, 14 January 2012

New Make-Up Storage!

I have a very small room, I often call it a shoebox because it's that small! So this means that i'm always looking for ways to make the most of the little space I have. I was never really happy with how I used to store my make-up, the most of it being in plasic containers in my bedside draw. Although things were organised into face, eyes, lips etc I found that I would always reach for the same things when in a rush meaning that a lot of my make-up was getting used. I found this white wicker 4 drawer stand in Sainsbury's at the weekend and I love it! It was reduced from £25 to a more affordable £12.50 and the white is great becuase it fits well with the colours in my room already.
As you can see it fits really nicely on top of my bedside table without taking up too much room. Also the draws are a good depth so I can stand up bottles of foundation which is great. So I've stored different types of products in each draw, from top to bottom is lips, eyes, blush/bronzers and face. 

I've put my lipstick to the front of the draw and lipglosses to the back. There is also room for some lip blams as well. What I love is that there is still a good amount of space for more products!
This draw is mainly for blushes and bronzers but there is also room for highlighters as well and other setting powders. 
As I said the finally draw is face products, so I have foundation, primers and concealers in here. It still stores some make-up in my bedisde draw such as eyeliners and mascara but they are a lot easier to get to now. I really love the storage system and it will hopefully mean that I will be using different products all the time. I hope this id helpful for someone who was in the same problem as me, I'm sure you can get similar storage systems like this in other places such as ikea or even on ebay.

I did another post on storage ideas which you can read here.


  1. You seemed very organized, my stuff is in piles, i have a nail polish pile, a lipstick pile, a clothing pile, this post inspires me to get organized, great post

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    1. Thanks, it will be messy in a few weeks no doubt! haha i'm glad you liked it, cool of course i'll check your blog out :)


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