Monday, 2 May 2016

Freedom Pro Melts in Up - Reviewed!

I've been hearing about Freedom for a little while and i'm only just getting round to trying some bits. For those who don't know they're a sister company to Makeup Revolution and have a lot of products that are designed for makeup artists. They have a great range of things to try it was a little hard to pick what to go for first. I remember seeing a review of these Pro Melts and hearing they were good so I thought that would be a good start. 
Freedom Pro Melts in Up
Freedom Pro Melts in Up
The packaging is is your classic lipgloss tube with a white lid. It's nice and simple and comes with a sponge applicator which works very well to apply the product. It is firm without being too hard and doesn't make the product go on streaky. They currently come in 16 shades and are adding more as they go. Most of the shades are bright (including a blue!) but there are a few more neutral shades as well. 
Freedom Pro Melts in Up
Freedom Pro Melts in Up
The product itself is a matte lip cream that you apply like a lipgloss. This style of lip product is pretty popular at the moment as they're matte yet feel comfortable to wear; this one is no different. It's very pigmented so when you first apply it onto the lips the colour is very opaque. Surprisingly, it goes on very even. I tend to apply a layer and blend it in with my finger. This helps to give an even finish and make it last long. Then I apply a little more to make it look brighter and i'm good to go. 
Freedom Pro Melts in Up
The wear time is really good. I did my classic coffee test and it stayed in place really well with little transfer.After a few hours there is a little fading but the colour is definitely still there without bleeding. One thing I will say is the colour is more of a bright pink that it looks in the tube or swatched. I have applied less product so it isn't as vibrant but then the wear time is a little less. 

On a whole I think this is a great product. There are some brighter shades available which is great as the wear time is so good which is needed in a bright colour. I'd love to try some more neutral colours in the future or the red shade. As this is the first Freedom product i've tried and i'm impressed with the result and definitely will be trying some more. 

Freedom Pro Melts retail for £3.00. 

Have you tried these or any other Freedom products?

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