Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Collection Big Fake Curves Mascara - Reviewed!

Mascara is one of those product where I always stick to the drugstore to get my fix. There are so many amazing, affordable mascaras these days that I can't bring myself to spend that much on one. Whilst having a browse in Boots the other day, as you do, I spotted this new mascara from Collection. The fact that it was less than £4 made me even more eager to give it a try.
Collection Big Fake Curves Mascara
Collection Big Fake Curves Mascara
The packaging is nice and simple and a bit more plain compared to some of the other mascaras Collection sell. I like the black, white and pink combination of colours and the fact that the tube is very sleek so it doesn't take up a lot of room.
Collection Big Fake Curves Mascara
Collection Big Fake Curves Mascara
The stand out thing about this mascara is definitely the brush. It's very curved; as the name would suggest, and works like two balls stuck together. The brush is a little on the large side so on first application was a little tricky to use but after a few goes with it the brush actually becomes very useful for getting each and every lash coated with mascara.
Collection Big Fake Curves Mascara
The formula is definitely on the dry side which I prefer as it makes the mascara easier to apply, however I do think that this means it probably won't last as long. On a plus side it means you can really layer the product without it clumping the lashes together. It definitely holds a curl nicely whilst giving a decent amount of length to the lashes. I haven't found the mascara to flake underneath my eyes throughout the day even when I accidentally rub my eyes.

I've been really impressed with this mascara and it's made me realise how good some of the cheaper mascara brands have to offer are. For the price I think this mascara is great value for money and even if I wasn't on a budget would be one I would consider re-purchasing.

 Collection Big Fake Curves Mascara retails for £4.99.(Currently on offer!)

What is your favourite affordable mascara?

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