Friday, 17 October 2014

Festive LUSH Haul

I can not resist picking up a few bath bombs from LUSH when it gets a bit colder. I take a lot more baths than showers and LUSH do some amazing festive scents and products. I went in the other day to see what they had released this year and i'm proud that I only ended up picking out three bath bombs even though I was tempted to get a lot more!
Festive LUSH Haul
Festive LUSH Haul
LUSH Butterball Bath Bomb
LUSH Butterball Bath Bomb - £2.65.
I've heard good things about this bath bomb but never got around to picking it up. It has a lovely warming scent to it and contains cocoa butter to help soften the skin and ylang ylang to help with stress and to relax you. This sounds like the perfect thing to use after a long cold day.
LUSH Butterbear Bath Bomb
LUSH Butterbear Bath Bomb - £1.95.
This contains the same ingredients as Butterball but comes in the shape of a cute bear. It has more of a vanilla scent to it. This again claims to help soften the skin. These are definitely the type of bath bombs I prefer as they not only make your bath water pretty then actually help your skin.
LUSH Cinders Bath Bomb
LUSH Cinders Bath Bomb - £2.50.
This is the bath bomb I always have to pick up each year as it smells so amazing. It has this real warming scent to it due to it having cinnamon, almond oil and sweet orange. This combination of scents I think is perfect for Autumn/Winter. This also has popping candy on the top which you can hear popping when you put it in the bath.

So those were some of my recent LUSH purchases, no doubt I will be picking up a few more as it gets even colder as I find a LUSH bath so relaxing this time of year. Have you picked up any bath products from LUSH recently?


  1. Great post! The ButterBear bath bomb sounds great. vanilla is definitely my favourite scent!

    emily x | emily's beauty blog

  2. I'm seeing a lot about the Butter Bear lately and it's making me want to pick one up. It looks really cute and the ingredients sound lovely!



  3. I actually love how cute the butterbear bomb is - ive not seen this in the shop definitely need to buy it next time im in there. x


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