Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Brand Focus | Revlon

Another brand focus today on one of my favourite makeup brands. I really like doing these brand focus posts, it shows me which brands do what products best and hopefully this will be helpful next time you are looking at a Revlon stand trying decide what to try.
Brand Focus | Revlon
Brand Focus | Revlon Base
I have tried the infamous Colorstay Foundation, and I used to love it. However I haven't used it in a few years so it might be too heavy/full coverage for me these days. Most of Revlon's foundations are on the full coverage side until they brought out the Nearly Naked Foundation (review) which is more on the medium side. This feels light on the skin and is easy to blend. I sometimes find the wear time isn't as good as other bases I have and it doesn't come with a pump which is why I don't reach for it as much. The Colorstay Concealer is like the foundation; I find this works best under foundation to cover any redness and give a blank canvas. The Nearly Naked Powder (review) is my favourite of the Revlon base products; it's light, yet adds just the right amount of coverage, doesn't look cakey and controls oil well. They packaging is a little bulky which is the only downside.
Brand Focus | Revlon Cheeks
Something I adore yet forget to include is the Skinlights Highlighter in Bare Light which is an amazing highlighter which adds a lovely glow to the skin. Revlon have recently added some new Powder Blushes the shade Mauvelous is a lovely berry toned blush which adds a lovely amount of colour to the cheeks. The Photoready Cream Blush in Coral Reef is very bright which can make it a little hard to use, once you get the application down (less in more) this is the perfect Summer blush. The cream to powder formula lasts really well on oily skin as well.
Brand Focus | Revlon Eyes
The Growlucious Mascara is an old favourite of mine which is why I thought I would love the Lash Potion Mascara. Sadly it just isn't as good. It applies nicely and looks nice on the lashes however it does start to flake after a few hours so for that reason I wouldn't recommend it. The eyeshadow quads however are definitely worth checking out especially the shade Adventurous which has the perfect Autumn colours in it. These shadows are creamy, blendable and are nicely pigmented. The Shadowlinks (review) were a new release this year and I do enjoy these however the quads seem to be better quality shadows. I have the shades Taupe and Melon; I love how compact these are so they are great for travel.
Brand Focus | Revlon Lips
Finally ending on what I think Revlon do best, lip products. The original Super Lustrous Lipstick (review) come in classic packaging and apply nicely onto the lips; the shade Cherries In The Snow is a standout. The Lip Butters are another huge favourite of mine, they're nicely pigmented and are creamy on the lips so are very moisturising. Some of my favourite shades are Raspberry Pie, Juicy Papaya and Candy Apple. The original Balm Stains (review) have been a favourite of mine for a long time; especially Honey and Crush. The Lacquer Balms (review) are just as long wearing yet had more of a gloss to the lips; the shade Provocateur is a lovely bright red. The Matte Balms (review) might have to be my favourite as they are once again long wearing yet are creamy whilst leaving a matte finish. Showy and Striking are definitely worthy checking out. Finally the newest release, the Colorstay Moisture Stains (review) are more of a gloss than a stain but they feel really nice on the lips. The shades New York Scene and Barcelona Nights are lovely bright shades; I would stick the the brighter shades of these as they seem to apply more evenly on the lips.

So that's a round-up of some of the Revlon products I have tried. Their lip products, skinlights face highlighter, eyeshadow quads and the Nearly Naked powder are definitely worth checking out. What are your favourite products by Revlon?

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  1. I weirdly never buy Revlon, I wonder if it's maybe because they don't have bases light enough for me and so I always opt for other brands like max factor that are more tailored to my skin?

    I have tried their colourstay moisture stains this season though, and I could definitely be won over by them if every product is of that quality!

    Sammy xo.


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