Monday, 15 July 2013

Week (or so) In Pictures #4

So I realised that I hadn't done a week in pictures/update-y type post in a while and today I thought I would change that. I currently on my Summer break from Uni which is so lovely, I can't express how nice it is not to have any deadlines to stress about! My skin has also been very thankful for this too. I've been trying to spend less money too, which as always proves to be rather hard! I'm not doing too bad, since I got back from London I haven't ordered anything online or made any huge purchases which is very good for me! 
This time of year is always awesome for magazine freebies, Glamour have amazing Balance Me freebies at the moment, since the magazine will only set you back £2 I may have picked up three copies.. I went for the Face Wash, Shower Gel and Tinted Lip Salve which has already made it's way into my handbag. The other magazine I picked up Yesterday was Natural Health, i've never bought this magazine before and I have to say the Melvita freebie did draw me in. I've been trying to be a lot healthy so hopefully there's some good tips in here, it also came with a free Food Rules book and a Beauty Awards magazine. Even though i've been trying to spend less I may have picked up some essentials in Boots, I mainly got boring things like toothpaste and dry shampoo but I did take advantage of their current offers and some coupons I had and managed to save just over £10 on the whole shop! Not bad if you ask me. Lunch is often the meal I make for myself and last week I decided to have a fish finger sandwich but to make it a little more interesting I added some spinach and it tasted so good! Spinach is amazing for you and has lots of added skin benefits so i've been trying to put it into everything!

I was feeling a bit bored of having a plain manicure so I dug out the L'oreal Confetti Top Coat, how did I forget how amazing this stuff is!? I paired it with the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Blueberry and got so many compliments on it, the only downside is it was a bit of a pain to remove! The weather has finally picked up here in the UK which means i've been able to dig out my sunglasses which have been collecting dust in my draw since going to L.A last September. I've also been applying my Bioderma SPF 30 everyday and i've been very impressed with this stuff, a review is definitely in the works. I've also been wearing minimal makeup since it's been so hot, the Dr Jart Regenerating BB Cream SPF 30 has been doing the job just nicely in this heat. Something I love about Summer is being able to have catch up with one of my best friends when she's home from Uni, the other week we had a good old chat over cocktails and good food and next week we plan on having a movie day which lots of chocolate like we used to always do. Perfect. 

Since i've had a lot more free time on my hands i've been able to watch some TV shows i've heard great things about. First off I started watching True Blood, to say i'm addicted to this show would be an understatement, I even made sure I had some episodes on my tablet when I was away. Season 6 is half way through airing now and the past few episodes have had me hooked, this week they ended the episode with a duel between my two favourite characters, Eric and Pam, if either of them die I will not be happy! Also Alexander Skarsgard who plays Eric is just.. I've become a big fan of all the Skarsgard family but Alex is definitely my favourite. I've also been watching The Killing (U.S version) I love crime dramas and this show, like True Blood has me hooked. I really like the relationship that is developing between the two main characters. Joel Kinnaman who plays Holder is a seriously great actor and I look forward to seeing him in other projects in the future. He is in fact going to be playing RoboCop in the remake coming out next year! Pretty cool, he is also Swedish, I seem to have developed a thing for Swedish actors, first the Skarsgard boys now Joel, hmm definite obsession in the works which has brought back my want to visit Stockholm really bad! If by any chance if you've been to Stockholm I would love to know what you thought of it.

So that's it, a little update of what i've been doing and watching lately. I really like doing these kind of posts and need to get back into doing them more often! Please tell me your favourite TV show, I would love to check them out. Now I need to get back to watching The Killing I find out who really killed Rosie.. (I told you it's an obsession!) 

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