Wednesday, 17 July 2013

NOTD Rainbow Polka Dots

So the other night I had a bit of time on my hands so decided to have a go at some nail art. I didn't want to do anything do complicated so I decided to go for some polka dots. I thought multi-coloured ones would look really nice and was surprisingly easy to do. 
 I used my normal Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat first followed with a white polish. I went for the Barry M Matt White. This is a great cheap polish which only took two coats.
After the base colour was completely dry I put a small amount of the coloured polishes on some paper and used a bobby pin to create the dots. You could use a dotting tool but these work just as well. 
I did 5 different coloured dots on each nail, you could do them randomly but I do like the fact that the dots match on each nail.
After I had done all the dots I made sure the nails were completely dry, I left them for about 20 minutes before putting on a top coat. If you put the top coat on too soon the colours will drag and ruin the design.

The colours I used were, Revlon Buttercup (yellow), OPI Red Lights Ahead..Where? (red), Models Own Beach Party (orange), Topshop Awol (blue) and Barry M Greenberry (green). Of course you could use any colours you have.

So that's it, I really like the finished result and I will definitely be experimenting in other designs in the future. What is your favourite nail art designs?


  1. I love doing multi coloured polka dot nail art: too:)

  2. Oooh sooo pretty! Looks like the cath kidston spot print on my cereal bowl haha

    Rosie x


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