Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What's In My Bag - Travel Edition

I haven't done a what's in my bag post in a while and since i'm off to London and Pairs for a week I thought I would do one. As you are reading this I will already be there! I've tried to pack light but I do like to have lots of things that I might need with me, as well as lots of different options to keep me entertained on the train. 
The bag itself is from New Look and is just a plain black bucket style bag which as a long strap which you can wear across body as well as just carrying it. 
Since we will be on the train around lunch time I'm bringing some water and some Vita Coco Coconut Water which I love and they've now made the carton resealable! For snacks I have a Bounty bar and one of the Nakd Cocoa Mint Bars which I am loving lately and would definitely recommend if you're into healthy snack bars.
Of course I have my phone with me which is the iphone 4s and i'm bringing my tablet which is a Nexus 7 which I love and is like the ipad mini but a lot cheaper! I plan on putting lots of episodes of True Blood on which is my current TV show obsession, seriously that show is so good! I might pop some films on as well. I also have my headphones to use too. 
I have my notebook from which is from the Martha Stewart collection at Staples. I have my purse too which is from New Look a few years ago and is still going very strong! 
Some random bits at the bottom of my bag are the Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets which are amazing if you skin gets oily during the day. My keys, an EOS lipbalm, some hand gel and hand cream. As well as some mints. 

Finally I have this small Laura Mercier bag which has some random beauty bits that I might need whilst i'm on the go. 
I have some gum, plasters, nail file and a mirror. I have the Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon which is a firm Summer favourite of mine. I have a travel sized sun cream, and my Travalo which currently has Marc Jacobs Daisy in it. I have the Bourjous Healthy Mix Concealer and Seventeen Pressed Powder. Finally I have the Caudalie Beauty Elixir to spritz on and refresh my skin.

So that's everything in my bag for travelling to London. I hope you found this interesting. What things to you keep in your handbag when travelling?


  1. I love Bounty bars and I've not had one in ages, this has made me crave one! x

  2. The bag itself is lovely! :)


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