Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Green Smoothie Recipe

I've always been a lover of smoothies and last month I finally got round to replacing my broken blender and i've been blending pretty much everything in my kitchen! After searching for a few green smoothie recipes i've adapted them and made my own which I thought I would share with you today because it's super easy to make.
 You will need:
375ml of Almond Milk
1-2 Table Spoons of Yogurt
1 Banana
2 Kiwi Fruits 
A good handful of Spinach
First peel a banana and break into chunks, then cut in half the kiwi fruits and spoon out the fruit. Add all the ingredients into the blender and blender for 30 seconds to a minute until you can a smooth green liquid. 
Then just pour into a glass and enjoy! This amount of ingredients will make enough for two glasses/ 1 pint glass and i've found it will stay fresh in the fridge for one day. It takes around 5 minutes to make and is the perfect fresh start to the morning. 

Let me know if you make this yourself and feel free to tell me your favourite smoothie recipes! 


  1. This looks great. Good way to sneak in some veggies, I don't know about you but I hate veggies haha x

    1. You can't even taste the spinach in it! Haha I do love veggies but drinking them is so easy :)


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