Saturday, 9 March 2013

Inlight Organic Face Cleanser - Reviewed!

I used to be that girl who didn't care about what was in the product I was using, I would just slap it on my face and hope it made an improvement. Now i've completely changed, I now read the ingredients list before the amazing claims of what it will do. From doing this i've been getting more into organic skincare and i've definitely seen an improvement in my skin. When I was contacted asking if I would like to try Inlight's Organic Cleanser and said yes straight away because it sounded right up my street!
Like the name suggests Inlight are a completely organic brand who's products are free from water, alcohol, parabens, SLS, phthalates and anything synthetic. There organic face cleanser is a cleansing balm which i've been loving as part of my evening skincare routine.
The product contains coconut oil, shea butter, green tea, clove bud and rosemary essential oils and ginger. The clove and ginger give it a lovely spicey scent which is very relaxing at night time. 
I apply a small scoop of product and add a little water in my hands and massage into the skin, it breaks down any dirt and make-up leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed. My skin feels nourished and not oily at all.
It doesn't feel heavy on the skin but feels like you're giving your skin a deep skin without stripping any natural oils in the skin. 

If like me you're a lovely of organic skincare I would definitely recommend this cleanser, i'm loving using it as part of my evening routine and my skin seems to love it too!

Are you a lover of organic skincare?

* PR Sample


  1. This sounds amazing, I am obsessed with balm cleansers at the moment. I used to be the same as you and slap anything on my face but I am definitely looking down the more natural route now and my skin is loving it. x

    1. Same, i've seen such a difference in my skin! Balm cleansers are definitely a favourite of mine too :)

  2. I'm a huge fan of organic skincare too, but unfortunately I've just discovered that coconut oil breaks me out. I'd been using the Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser but have had to give up - a shame considering it cost 25pounds and I'd hardly used any. I'm now on a quest to find a balm that doesn't contain coconut oil or cocoa butter, but haven't found much so far.
    Mel x

    1. That's such a shame! I've heard good things about the Antipodes one too. Have you tried the Emma Hardie one? :)

  3. I am using Inlight Organic cleaner, too. I am using the whole line from that brand. And I will never change that. Their products are just simply awesome!! My skin has become cleaner and has improved so much!


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