Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips - Reviewed!

I know everyone and their mother seems to be talking about these at the moment but I thought I would chip in my thoughts on them because I feel like I have a bit of a different opinion on them to everyone else. 
First off I really like the packaging, I like black packaging and the fact you can easily see each shade makes it quick and easy when finding the colour you want to wear.
These are being sold as 'lip lacquers' in which they're a cross between a lipstick and lipgloss. They're pigmented like a lipstick but they have the texture and shine of a lipgloss. 
They come with a sponge applicator which I like, but they seem to have a hole shape in them which i've found a lot of product can collecting which if you're not careful can be a little messy when applying. 
Most of the shades in the collection are bright shades however there are a couple of pinks and a nude. The first shade I have is Celestial which is a dusty pink shade, very natural and a good everyday shade. The other shade I have is Apocaliptic which is a bright red toned fuchsia.

So what I like about them is that they're very pigmented and look glossy on the lips. What i'm not a fan is that the lighter shade doesn't have amazing staying power with it lasting around 2 or so hours however the darker shade does last longer. I'm not a huge fan of the applicator because it can be a little messy and if you are wearing a lip balm with these I did find them to be a little greasy.

All in all I do like them but I haven't found them as amazing as everyone has been saying, I also find them to be very similar to the MUA Intense Kisses, especially the darker shades which are only £2 and look pretty much the same on the lips and you could get 3 of those for the same price.

Rimmel Apocalips retail for £5.99.

Have you tried these yet? 


  1. Thanks for the review! I have never heard of these so thank you for a honest review :) I don't really like the look of the hole in the applicator though :s Celestial looks like a great shade.

  2. I wish you showed them on your lips but they look like lovely shades

  3. I've tried them, hated them, I found they only lasted a really short while on my lips and then left that dreaded ring of colour round my lips ARGH! I'm glad to see someone else who doesn't think they are the best thing around though. I thought it was only me :-) great review x x

    1. Glad to know i'm not alone, I just found them a bit meh! :)

  4. I love seeing everyones contrast in opinions. These are not in the US yet, but I am so curious to try them!


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