Sunday, 17 February 2013

20 Random Facts

I've been enjoying seeing my favourite bloggers do this tag recently so I thought I would do it myself because I think it's a good way to get to know the person behind the blog.
  1. I have one older brother who's 24 who i've become closer to as i've gotten older, we now have a lot in common when it comes to movies and music.
  2. Music is a huge part of  my life and I can't remember the last day where I didn't listen to music.
  3. I love all different types of films, my favourite director is definitely Quentin Tarantino, but I also love Kevin Smith films too. 
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers are hands down my favourite band and I finally got to see them in November 2011 and it was one of the best days of my life.
  5. For a long time I was scared of dogs until we got are own dog Rufus about 7 years ago, now i'm a big dog lover and couldn't imagine not having one around the house especially one as funny as Rufus.
  6. My family has always been very close and I find it strange when other people don't have a close family because it's something i've had all my life.
  7. My parent's are divorced but still get along which definitely doesn't seem to be the norm these days!
  8. I've always been somewhat shy but my confidence has definitely boosted since going to University. I open up ones I get to know people and becoming a lot louder!
  9. I've never had lots of friends, instead I have a few very close friends who I feel I can share anything with and have a lot in common with. 
  10. I'm currently studying a degree in Behavioural Sciences and i'm loving it, I love Psychology and find looking into the reasons why people do things very interesting.
  11. I'm fairly independent and enjoy spending time on my own, I think I got this from my Mum who is very much the same.
  12. I love traveling a lot and have a list of places I want to visit. So far i've been to Berlin, Malta, Spain, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbabra and various places in the UK.
  13. I'm a very organised person and love getting new storage and making notes.
  14. I'm very close to both of my parents, my Mum and I are very similar in the why we act and asses situation and with my Dad we have similar taste in music and films and both love Photography.
  15. I think i've always had a love for make-up and I remember as a child trying on my Mum's lipsticks.
  16. Due to my cousin and I being similar ages (she's a year younger) we would often spend weekends at my Gran and Grandad's house playing dress up and shops. These are some of my favourite childhood memories.
  17. I actually enjoy eating healthy and if I over indulge or have too much junk food it can often make me feel ill.
  18. My favourite TV shows are Breaking Bad, Community, Girls, New Girl and Impractical Jokers.
  19. I love biography's and my favourites are Anthony Kiedis Scar Tissue and Kevin Smith Tough Shit.
  20. I love baking and cooking in general, i'm often the one left to make any sort of pudding in the family.
     Onto some pictures! L-R Fun in TK Maxx with Laura, my adorable dog Rufus, on holiday in Malta topping up that non-existent tan, doing my best shocked face in Malta, clearly finding my cat Rosie hilarious, Sunny Santa Monica, enjoy a lovely Ben's Cookie and milkshake in Convent Garden last November, Ever RHCP album I told you I loved them, San Francisco, Hanging out with a Storm Trooper in Leeds with Laura and another pic from Malta with a random fan! 

    So that's my 20 random facts, I hope you all enjoyed this post I sure enjoyed writing it and looking through some funny pictures!



    1. I love Tarantino too hehe Have you seen Django?! Loved your twenty facts! xo

      1. Yes, loved Django! It's definitely one of my favourites :)

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      3. Sorry I replied with the wrong account haha! I loved it too, loved the music and how he blew himself up in his own movie lol!

    2. im really close with my family too so find it wierd when people arentt!! X X X

    3. I love Kevin Smith too. I think my hubby has a man crush on him. We saw him in Glasgow a few years ago doing 'An Evening With Kevin Smith' It was so funny.
      I love Berlin, SF and NY they are my 3 favourite cities with Amsterdam coming a very close 4th.
      Breaking Bad is such a good series.

      1. Oh lucky you, I love watching his Q&A's! Never been to Amsterdam but want to go, Breaking Bad is just amazing :)


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