Tuesday, 12 February 2013

REN ClearCalm3 Replenishing Night Serum - Reviewed!

I picked this serum up a few months ago when REN had a 20% discount code, for some reason it's taken me a while to review even though I really like the product. I featured it in my Evening Skincare Routine recently and thought it was time to review it in full.
 I'm a big fan of REN skincare and love the packaging, it's simple and colour coded to the range the product it is from. This is from the Blemish Prone range and has the blue packaging. 
The product is a gel based serum meaning that it feels light on the skin which is perfect for blemish prone skin. It has lots of natural extracts too and doesn't feel harsh, I definitely think this would be safe for sensitive skin too.
It claims to make the skin feel comfortable, clear and calm whilst reducing the appearance of redness and pigmented scars. I definitely finds that it takes the pain out of blemishes and reduces the redness of them. It also helps to get rid of any dryness around blemishes that are on the way out.

I have found since using this product and some others that my blemishes don't leave as harsh red scars behind although it hasn't made a huge difference to any old scarring i've had for a longer time.

I would definitely recommend this product if you have blemish prone skin because it is a nice gentle treatment that doesn't irritate the skin and really has improved my skin; I definitely seem to get less blemishes now.

Have you tried this product?



  1. ive not tried anything from ren yet but not heard a bad review yet this sounds great!

    Charlie xx

    1. I love REN so much, you should definitely check them out :)

  2. Nice to read a review of a REN product that is not being talked about by every blogger on the planet!!
    Anna x


  3. Nice to read a review about a REN product that has not been talked about by every blogger on the planet!!
    Anna x


  4. I've been desperate to try this for a couple of months but haven't found any informative reviews - this has changed things! Firmly on my wishlist now :-)


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