Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Origins Super Spot Remover - Reviewed!

Today's review is going to be on one of the most talked about skincare products at the moment, the Origins Super Spot Remover. As someone who suffers from blemishes when I hear about a product which will fight away blemishes I have to try it! 
 Firstly the bottle is tiny, like really small but I do think the it is such a cute size. The product itself is a clear gel but dries a little white. 
Now this is a Salicylic Acid treatment which is known to help with blemishes. The thing that appealed to me about this that the Origins brand on a whole using natural ingredients which is definitely something i'm trying to use more with skincare. It also has caffeine to help reduce the redness after a blemish which I definitely suffer from.
The scent of this is very strong and a little off putting at first. Also when you first apply it, it does sting which for me means it's working. I have noticed that after using this my skin can peel a little around where the blemish was, to get around this I have found that using an intensive moisturiser after helps and exfoliating. I tend to use it every other night when I have a bad blemish to help stop the peeling and I find that works best for me. 

All in all this is a great product for reducing and healing blemishes but be warned that it can cause peeling which for me has been the only downside. I think this little bottle will also last a long time because you don't need a lot of product, less is definitely more with this one.

Origins Super Spot Remover retails for £12.00.

Have you tried this? What products do you reach for when you have a blemish?


  1. The skin pealing worries me a bit. I suffer with it already so I know this would really irritate my skin. I'm going to try out the witch blemish stick first and see it that works

  2. I've always used the Witch Stick up until now, but this looks like a good product - it's just a shame about the price tag! xo

  3. I find so many acne treatments lead to peeling...thanks for an honest review Helen. This product is definitely on my beauty wishlist! Continue enjoying your holiday :)

    xx Veronica

  4. I had a code for £10 off a boots online shop and I was already doing a big shop as I need to stock up on nappies, baby wipes and ludicrously expensive toddler snacks for my little one, so I thought I'd use the £10 off, money to get some of this stuff as I keep hearing about it and I am just at the end of my tether with the bad skin stuff - I'm pretty new to cosmetics (well, properly anyway, rather than just a bit of lip gloss etc) so I'm not so good at covering blemishes up and mine always take Aaaages to heal due to a condition I have.

    I'm so so hoping that it works and your review gives me some hope. I already suffer from lots of peely skin around spots anyway, but to be honest it couldn't be much worse than it is now. *fingers crossed*!


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