Friday, 28 September 2012

Origins Out Of Trouble Mask - Reviewed!

I've gone a little face mask crazy recently, i'm even planning on doing a post on my favourite ones some time soon. Origins is a brand that i've really become interested in, they're products are full of natural ingredients which really does appeal to me. I decided to try this mask after the lady at the Origins counter said it was really good for breakouts. 
The packaging is lovely and simple which I love and says that it is a 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin. You get 100ml of product so I can see this lasting a good amount of time. 
I've mentioned before that I love using the Origins Super Spot Remover for breakouts but sometimes I think a mask is good to help sooth the skin and take the harsh pain away from blemishes which this definitely does.
The product is a thick white cream that has a very herbal scent to it, i'm not a huge fan of the scent but it smells like it is doing some good to the skin if that makes sense! I cover my whole face with the mask focusing more product on any bad areas and leave it for 10-15 minutes. It dries quickly but doesn't feel tight. It washes off easily and afterwards my skin feels smooth, refreshed and any blemishes are a lot less painful. In the morning the size of any blemishes has reduced and the redness and lessened. 

The mask and been such a saver for me when i've had breakouts and I can't recommend it enough. I honestly couldn't believe the difference in any breakouts I had after just one use.
The lady at the Origins counter also gave me some samples of other products that would be suited to be skin type too!
Origins Out Of Trouble Mask is available from Boots for £20.00

Have you tried this mask? What do you use to help with breakouts?


  1. Ahh, there are so many of the Origins masks (and other products) on my wishlist at the moment. I've also been going a bit mask mad and am itching to try the Clear Improvements charcoal one, as it's supposed to be great for clearing blocked pores (which I do suffer from on my nose). I actually hadn't considered this particular mask, but it can now consider itself added to my list too!
    Mel x

  2. I've only ever heard good things about Origins masks. I think ones I've used up a few of mine, I'm going to try an Origins one! I have about 9 at the moment so I think I need to cut down a bit! xo

    1. I'm loving Origins in general at the moment, haha i'm just the same! I have so many face masks! :)

  3. I really like your blog :) helpful post!!
    Following you now <3

  4. I really like their charcoal face mask :) I'm really wanting to try this one out too! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I want to try the charcoal one next, it's sounds really good :)

  5. Ooh this sounds great! May give this a go as a treat with my Christmas money or something :-)


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