Thursday, 22 December 2011

Simply Make-up Storage Ideas

I'm always trying to find new ways to store my make-up since I have a rather small  room so have to make use of the space I have. Here are a couple ideas that I have come up with that I thought I would share.

Now these are actually a envelope holders I got from WH Smith for £3.99 (I think!) I got this first one back in September and filled it so had to go out and get another one! I love them and my palette fit in really well. I love the purple colour and the pattern in the metal is very pretty. Here's what they look like from the side.
The next are two pen holders that match the envelope holders, again these where from WH Smiths I believe they cost £2.99 each. I use one to store my Sigma brushes then the other to store everything else (mainly ELF brushes). I think they look lovely and makes it a very easy to find my brushes first thing in the morning when i'm half asleep still!
These are just some ideas I have come up with, I think looking in Stationary stores are a good idea of you are looking for some cheap storage.

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