Monday, 26 December 2011

Witch Anti Blemish Range - Reviewed!

As someone who suffers from breakouts i'm always on the look out for products that will help improve my skin. I came across the Witch Anti Blemish range whilst looking through Superdrug. I've tried most things now so I thought I would do a review.
The first thing I tried was the concealer, it has witch hazel in it and is antibacterial which will help to get rid of blemishes as well as covering them. From what I could see this only comes in one colour, 'Natural' which is a shame because one shade will not be perfect for everyone. I find it a little dark and yellow toned but it blends out to look ok. I'm not a big fan of stick concealers but I find them hard to blend, this is creamy but can look cacky if you apply too much. I do like this product but it's not my favourite. I will use it if I have a bad breakout because it is antibacterial. I would give it a 3/5.
The next product I got was the primer, I always use a primer to help make my make-up stay on longer. Again this product has witch hazel extract. It claims to 'prepare the skin for foundation, allowing for a smooth and even application whilst creating an invisible shield to help protect your skinfrom the make up which can causeor aggravate spots'. I really like this primer, it's a gel consistency which doesn't take long to try and leaves your skin feeling matte. I do think it helps my blemishes not be aggravated and it does help my make-up stay in place longer than without a primer. It's not the best for when you need long wear but if i'm having a bad breakout this really does help. I would give it 4/5.
Next is the Redness Relief Moisturiser, I can have a lot of redness in my skin some days so I was really interested to try this out. It claims to correct redness as well as sooth the skin. The first thing I noticed was the green colour! I've tried products that use green to correct redness before and they have never worked. This has a rather thin consistency making it easy to blend, this doesn't leave my face looking green at all. It makes my skin feel matte which I like since I have oily skin. I do think this helps tone down my redness and definitely leaves it feeling less irratated. I think this product is good and I would give it 4/5.

Finally is the pressed powder, again like this concealer this only comes in one colours although on the skin it is almost completely transparent. This claims to 'help target spots and breakouts by absorbing excess oils and controlling shine'. I really like this powder, it definitely helps keep my skin from being shiny throughout the day. I'm not sure if it helps my breakouts that well but I do feel less oily when i'm wearing it. I would give this powder a 5/5.

All of the Witch Anti Blemish products have witch hazel extract which helps with clearing up breakouts. They're all fragrance free, oil free and are dermatologically tested. I think this is a good range and seems to one of the only ones that has make-up products that help with blemishes. The whole range is available at Superdrug but I have seen some products in my local Sainsbury's.

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