Sunday, 4 October 2015

Watch, Listen, Love #2

I was planning on doing part two of my travel posts today but I had some laptop issue last week; note to self don't spill watch on your laptop, and i'm hoping I can get everything off my old hard drive, if not I have the pictures on a memory card still so will have to edit them all again. Either way i'm hoping it will be up soon. Until then, today I thought I would chat about some TV shows, films, music and drinks i've been loving recently. 
Watch, Listen, Love #2
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I've managed to see a decent amount of films recently. Most featuring Jake Gyllenhaal; an unhealthy obsession is currently going on. First was Southpaw which is about a boxer and was really well done with some great acting and characters. The next was Everest which is about a group of people climbing Mount Everest. It's very tense in places and hard to watch but again was a really good watch. I also saw Legend which I loved so much. Tom Hardy plays both the Kray brothers and does such an amazing performance, i'm sure he's going to be nominated for a bunch of awards because of it. 
TV wise it that time of year where all the good shows start again. My favourite is probably How To Get Away With Murder which is such a gripping show with so many twists, I just love it. The Affair which is really interesting and they tell the story from different perspectives. You see the man's day and then the woman's and get to see how they differ. I've also been watching Gotham on Netflix which is a good easy watch to put on in the evening, especially if you're a batman fan. 
Watch, Listen, Love #2
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I haven't listened to that many new albums recently, although I have a few I want to check out at the moment. I've been listening to the new Foals album What Went Down when driving and it's a grower. After hearing it a good amount of times I really do love it and there's some real stand out songs. 
Cold weather has me craving hot drinks. I do try to be healthy and have teas but I have been on a bit of a mocha kick at the moment. It really is the perfect drink when you want something to warm you up. Another favourite is the new Coconut Milk Latte at Starbucks which is super tasty and a good dairy free option. 

So those have been some of my favourite, non beauty related things recently. I'm always looking for new shows and films to watch. I could do with a comedy recommendation, I just watched season 1 of Last Man On Earth which was great so maybe something like that. Also what are your favourite Autumn/Fall drinks? 

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