Thursday, 4 December 2014

COLAB Rio Dry Shampoo - Reviewed!

Dry shampoo is something that is a staple in my everyday routine. Even on days when my hair is clean and like to spray a little on to add some volume and texture. When I heard that Ruth Crilly was launching her own range of dry shampoos I new I would have to try them, the fact that they seem to always be on offer in Superdrug sealed the deal.
COLAB Rio Dry Shampoo
COLAB Rio Dry Shampoo
The packaging is nice and simple with each scent being colour co-originated. There are 4 different scents to choose from all named after cities; London, Paris, New York and Rio which is the scent I went for. The scent is described as tropical so it's smells fresh and fruity; I will say all of the scents were very pleasant.
COLAB Rio Dry Shampoo
COLAB Rio Dry Shampoo
The big claim of these dry shampoo's is that they leave no residue in the hair. I can definitely confirm that this is true as i've found there to be no white marks at all. This isn't a huge deal to me as I have light hair however if you have darker hair I think this will be a great bonus. My favourite way to use is when my hair is feeling a bit too clean or if I have second day hair which needs a refresh. If you are on third day hair or your hair looks greasy it isn't amazing; for that I still reach for my Batiste. This is definitely one of the better dry shampoos I have tried though and i've happily added it into my routine. I definitely plan on picking up a few different scents in the future.

COLAB Rio Dry Shampoo retails for £3.49.

Have you tried any of the new A Model Recommend's COLAB Dry Shampoos?

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