Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Toner Rotation

Toners tend to be the part of the skincare routine that people think don't really matter and are most prone to skipping. I love using toners after cleansing the skin to prep it for moisturising. I have three different types of toners I like to use, all doing different things to benefit the skin. 
Toners - Garnier Clarins The Body Shop
Toners - Garnier Clarins The Body Shop
The Everyday Toner - Garnier SImply Essential Soothing Vitamin Enriched Toner - £1.99.
This is the one I use the most; morning and night I use this after cleansing to refresh the skin. This contains no colourants or alcohol so it won't strip the skin. The best thing is that it is very affordable and often on offer; a great budget friendly find.

The Skin Refresher - The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist - £8.50.
Spray toners are a definite favourite in the hot weather as they are very refreshing to the skin. This one is a favourite of mine as again it isn't drying on the skin in fact it is almost moisturising. Perfect to use in the morning or after using a clay mask as I find it helps to balance the skin. If you have dehydrated or dry skin you will love this.

The Exfoliator - Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner - £20.00.
Chemical exfoliators are very popular these days as they gentle exfoliate the skin without being abrasive. I love this Clarins one as you apply it with a cotton pad all over the face and you're done. Super quick and simple, it's gentle enough that you could even use it every night. I personally use it about 3 times a week or when my skin is feeling a bit congested. 

Toners - Garnier Clarins The Body Shop
So those are my favourite toners to use at the moment. I've been using them all for a while now and would recommend them all. Let me know what some of your favourite toners are and what type of toner is your favourite.

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