Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Empties!

For the first month in a while I haven't managed to use up that many beauty products. However I did use up some things we I have to share. Expect a big empties next month because I have a good few things that are nearly on the way out!
I've found a new favourite deodorant in the Nivea Stress Protect Roll On, i'm fussy when it comes to deodorant as most seem to irritate my skin but this one doesn't and keeps me feeling fresh all day. I've finished up one of my favourite foot creams, the Soap & Glory Heel Genius. This is really moisturising yet feels light on the skin, I would purchase this again. Finally in the body products I finished the Waitrose Citrus & White Tea Foam Bath, this was okay, I liked the smell but I didn't find it did anything amazing. I don't think I would purchase this scent again.
The only skincare item i've finished is the Garnier Simply Essentials Soothing Vitamin Enriched Toner, i've mentioned this before and I really do like it. It is gentle on the skin and does the job. I always repurchase this.
I gave my makeup stash a bit of a clear out the other day and threw out some mascaras. The first being the MUA Every Lash Waterproof Mascara, this was very average, it didn't really do much and was a pain to remove. I wouldn't purchase this again. I've also finished the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara, now this one I did like, it made my lashes look really good but the formula is very wet so can be a pain to apply. For that reason I wouldn't get this again. Finally i've finished the Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara, this had a small brush for lower lashes and a big brush for upper lashes. I really liked this concept and it worked pretty well. Still not one of my favourite so I won't be repurchasing it in a hurry.
The last two makeup items i've used are the Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix concealer which I really liked, it had a decent amount of coverage yet felt light on the skin under the eyes. I would consider getting this again. The other being the Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Blonde, this was a tinted brow gel which I liked the look of on my brows as the colour was a good match yet it felt a little crunchy sometimes and I could feel the product in my brows. I think I prefer powders and pencils so for that reason I won't be repurchasing.

So those are this months empties. Not as many this month but as I mentioned at the start next month should be a big one so keep on eye out for that. Have you used up any good products this month?

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