Friday, 2 September 2016

Maybeline Bricks Bronzer in Blondes - Reviewed!

I was in need of a new mascara so I picked up an old favourite by Maybeline since there was on buy one get one half price offer in Superdrug and I also picked this up. I'd seen it a couple of times and liked the look of it since i'm into the bronzed, glowy look at the moment. 
Maybeline Bricks Bronzer in Blondes
Maybeline Bricks Bronzer in Blondes
The packaging is a nice compact that fits in with the rose gold trend at the moment. I was surprised that this doesn't come with a mirror and the fact the pan of product is smaller that the actual compact. This isn't a huge deal but they could have made the brick part of the product a little bigger. 
Maybeline Bricks Bronzer in Blondes
Maybeline Bricks Bronzer in Blondes
The product comes with a decent sized bronzer which isn't too warm and gives a nice bronzed colour to the skin. It is nicely pigmented so you don't need a lot of product but it is also very easy to blend. The brick part is made up of three shades and is a lovely mix between a blush, bronzer and highlighter. 
Maybeline Bricks Bronzer in Blondes
This is the perfect Summer cheek product as the bronzer gives a lovely colour and the brick side leaves a glow and sheen on the skin. Both shades wear really nicely on the skin and stay in place without going patchy. 

I have fair skin and this doesn't look too dark but I also think it would look great on a medium skintone. If you're looking for an all in one Summer cheek product I would recommend checking this out. I've been using it a lot ever since I got it as it is so easy to wear. 

Have you tried this new release from Maybeline?

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  1. I like the look of the brick side! Looks so glowy!


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