Friday, 22 July 2016

Wear and Compare | Benefit vs Essence Brow Mascara

Benefit have recently changed all the packaging of their brow products as well as having lots of minis as freebies in magazines in the recent months. The one product that i've been curious to try is the Gimme Brow so I was definitely excited to try it without splashing out on the full size. I had heard Essence had brought out their own version so I thought it would be fitting to do a comparison of the two. 
Wear and Compare | Benefit vs Essence Brow Mascara
Wear and Compare | Benefit vs Essence Brow Mascara
The packaging of the Essence version is very similar to the original Benefit packaging, now they've changed it the two look pretty different. Both come in three shades and have good options for blondes which I like. Essence have even brought out a new shade that is Taupe and cool toned which is a good match for the Benefit blonde shade. Since my hair isn't super blonde at the moment I got the 01 Blonde shade in the Essence which is a little warmer. 
Wear and Compare | Benefit vs Essence Brow Mascara
Wear and Compare | Benefit vs Essence Brow Mascara
The brushes are very similar. The Benefit one is a little smaller and is more tapered to the end which definitely helps with application. Both contain little fibres which are meant to give a more natural look since it is adding the appearance of more hair. The Essence version does have some fibres but a lot less than the Benefit one. Both are easy to apply. I like to get the shape I want my brows to be with a pencil then add the main colour and definition with the brow mascaras. 
Wear and Compare | Benefit vs Essence Brow Mascara
L-R Benefit, Essence

As you can see the shades I have are different but when swatched they look pretty similar in the brows. The Benefit one gives a very natural finish and you can the hairs in the brows still. It evens them out whilst adding colour and texture to the brows. I was most impressed with how it looked like I had naturally perfect brows and made them stay in place all day. It has been very hot this week and this has really helped my brows to not fade. The Essence version feels more like a tinted brow mascara and is a little wetter which makes it harder to get a completely natural look. The brows still look defined, neat and kept in place.

My favourite thing about both of these is how well they keep my brows in place all day. Both make my brows look natural whilst being quick to apply. They are very similar and if price wasn't a factor I would say the Benefit one works the best. However, the Essence one is so much cheaper and works very well I personally wouldn't purchase the Gimme Brow in the full size even though I have been really enjoying it. 

Benefit Gimme Brow retails for £18.50.
Essence Make Me Brow retails for £2.50.

I've really been impressed by some of the Essence products i've tried and this is definitely one of the best one. It is a great dupe for the Benefit and I lot more affordable. Have you tried either of these? What do you use for a natural brow look?


  1. I have the Gimme Brow and wouldn't go back, it's possibly one of my favourite brow products

    Janay Andre

  2. I haven't tried the Essence brow gel, but have tried so many other products from them & have always been really impressed. They're a fab affordable brand!!

    1. I've really been enjoying their products. I would definitely recommend trying the Make Me Brow :)


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