Friday, 19 August 2016

Origins Maskimizer - Reviewed!

When Origins first released this I was so intrigued. As someone who uses makeup primers all the time I had never thought of their being a skincare version, especially to use with face masks. I'm a big face mask lover so was definitely excited to give it a go and see if it did make a difference. 
Origins Maskimizer
Origins Maskimizer
The product comes in a blue spray bottle which makes for easy application of the product. The spray is designed to be used after you cleanse the skin and before you apply your chosen face mask to prep your skin. I've been trying this was a good mix of masks and have found it works well with them all. The spray does have a light rose scent which I find very pleasant and relaxing; the scent doesn't linger either. 
Origins Maskimizer
It can feel a little damp on the skin so I tend to do about five sprays and then pat any excess into the skin. I then leave it for a few seconds before applying my face mask whilst the skin still feels slightly damp. I honestly didn't have high hopes for this doing anything but I found it actually helps the mask apply a lot smoother, especially clay based mask. With clay masks I find it stops them feeling as tight on the skin too which I like. 

As well as helping with application I find that it makes removing masks easier too. With a damp flannel a heavy clay mask removes so quickly. Afterwards my skin felt a lot smoother and clear when I used this. As I mentioned i've used this with a lot of different mask and found that improves all of them when I use this. You could probably get similar results if you really spent time prepping the skin but the best thing about this is that it is so quick and easy so perfect if you don't have a lot of time. 

Origins Maskimizer retails for £18.50. 

If you're a face mask lover I would recommend picking this up and giving it a try. It's a fun product to use which actually makes your face masks work better. Have you tried the Origins Maskimizer?


  1. I am so glad this is in a bottle rather than in a tub!

  2. Such a odd product but sounds pretty amazing!

    Parie x


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