Monday, 11 April 2016

Dove Derma Spa Summer Revival Body Lotion - Reviewed!

When I first started getting into the world of fake tanning the Dove gradual tanner was one of the first things I used. It gave me a decent amount of colour without looking fake, plus the scent was really pleasant. Recently Dove brought out a new range of body products including a gradual tanner, which I wanted to test to see if it was like the original one I used to love. 
Dove Derma Spa Summer Revival Body Lotion
Dove Derma Spa Summer Revival Body Lotion
I love the new packaging. It looks so sleek and more high end that other Dove products. The product claims to give a healthy looking Summer glow as well as moisturising the skin. It can be used daily to build up the colour you want. The smell is very pleasant, it's florally without being overpowering. The scent lingers on the skin but never develops that notorious fake tan, biscuit scent. 
Dove Derma Spa Summer Revival Body Lotion
Dove Derma Spa Summer Revival Body Lotion
The product comes in two shades; fair to medium and medium to dark. I went for the lighter shade which is perfect for fair skin as it doesn't look too dark. The lotion applies nicely and sinks in to the skin without feeling greasy. After one application the skin feels soft and moisturised. It leaves a natural looking, light tan to the skin which really does look like a natural glow. If you build the product up with 2-3 applications it gives a really nice tanned look. 

I haven't found it goes patchy as it wears or after showering. This is a great product if you're not into fake tanning but want to give a bit of a glow to the skin. It's also good if you want to prolong you real or fake tan a bit longer. 

I've had a decent amount of applications out of this bottle and there's still around half of the product last. This has become one of my favourite body products that i've loved especially in the colder months but I can also see myself using it a lot in the Summer. Have you tried this Dove gradual tanner?


  1. Ooh I reviewed this as well, I really liked it!


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