Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Neal's Yard Remedies Citrus Hand Softener - Reviewed!

My hands get dry every Winter but this year it seems to have been even worse. I have been slathering on so many creams but this one has been such a stand out. My Mum actually got this in a hand set at Christmas and I may have taken over using it. 
Neal's Yard Remedies Citrus Hand Softener
Neal's Yard Remedies Citrus Hand Softener
The packaging is really love. I love the blue jar that looks really nice on a dressing table or at the side of your bed. The product itself has such a lovely, citrus scent. It's not too overpowering and a natural citrus scent rather than a fake one. The consistency of the cream is thick and creamy. It isn't heavy and is more of a whipped texture. 
Neal's Yard Remedies Citrus Hand Softener
Neal's Yard Remedies Citrus Hand Softener
When I first started applying it I thought it would feel greasy but it's almost the opposite. As you massage it into the hands you can feel it sink into the skin I doesn't leave a residue on the hands. It doesn't give a clammy feeling either so you can easily carry on touch things and using your hands. After being applied my hands felt so much softener and after using it for a few days the dry patches between my fingers had gone and my hands in general felt a lot less dry and moisturised. 

I was really surprised how well this works. If you have struggling with dry hands I would definitely recommend giving this a go. I also think it would make a nice gift and the set we have even came with a hand wash and lotion. 

Have you tried this? I really want to try some more Neal's Yard body product after loving this so much. Do you have any favourite products by them?

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  1. This looks like a really nice product. I suffer with eczema on my hands and its quite bad so I wonder if it would help with that. I do think its quite pricey but looks as if I might be worth spending a bit on money on.

    Grace xx



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