Monday, 29 February 2016

February Beauty Favourites!

This months favourites seems to be focusing on my new favourite base favourites that I picked up along with a lip liner which is the perfect nude. I've been loving dusky pink nudes and now i've got the perfect lip liner i'm on the hunt for lipstick to match it. 
Vichy Aqualia Thermal Hydration Power Serum - £22.50 - I got this just after Christmas but only started using it this month. It has such a light consistency and is refreshing on the skin. It packs in the hydration without being heavy and i've been loving into on my dehydrated skin in the evening. (full review).
Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator in Bare Light - £11.99 - I dug this concealer out again this month and it really is the perfect golden highlighter. I've mentioned it a lot and this tube is still going strong since you only need a small amount. It's so versatile and i've been using it a lot to add some glow into the skin. 
Bourjois Radiance Concealer - £7.99 - This was a new purchase this month and i've been using it under the eyes pretty much everyday. Used under the eyes it brightens really well without feeling heavy on the skin. You only need a small amount and the coverage is really good. (full review). 
Bourjois City Radiance Foundation - £9.99 - I've been wearing the concealer with this foundation a lot and the combination of the two works really well. The foundation is lightweight whilst giving a medium coverage. It adds a nice glow to the skin without looking glittery. (full review). 
Revlon Ultimate All In One Mascara - £9.99 - When I first started using this mascara I found it took a long time to define the lashes. Now that i've had it a few weeks it works a lot better; although it still doesn't give a dramatic lash look. I do like it when I want my lashes to look defined and for everyday use. I am enjoying the small brush for grabbing those small lashes. (full review).
Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob - £3.99 - I've been wanting to try this lip liner for a long time and finally found one. It seems to be out of stock everywhere and I can see why as it is the perfect nude pink. It is cool toned and has a purple hue to it. It's matte but doesn't feel drying on the lips. I've been wearing in alone and it wears really well. Now I want to find a lipstick to match so I can wear them together. 

So those are this months beauty favourites. I picked up a few new releases this month which i've really been loving. If you have any lipstick that would match Eastend Snob I would love to know. What have been your beauty favourites this month?

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