Friday, 26 February 2016

Collection Illuminating Eye Primer - Reviewed!

Collection just came out with a load of new primers which got me pretty excited since primers are something I love, and use every time I wear makeup. I was in need of a new eye primer so thought I would try that first.
Collection Illuminating Eye Primer
Collection Illuminating Eye Primer
The packaging is nice and simple but I really like it. I think the new branding Collection are doing is really good and looks more luxe than the price tag. It comes in a squeezy tube which is hygienic and not too much products comes out which helps to give an easy application. 
Collection Illuminating Eye Primer
The product looks glowy in the tube but this doesn't really translate onto the lids; instead it just looks clear. It feels light and cooling on the skin which is nice and refreshing. It applies easy and sets without feeling tight on the skin. Powder and cream shadows apply nicely over the top without going patchy or looking uneven. 
Collection Illuminating Eye Primer
I did find that it help to keep my shadow in place throughout the day. The colours did look better compared to being applied straight onto the lids. On long days where I was running around a lot I did notice some minor creasing. If you have extremely oily eyelids you may find this to be more noticeable. 

I would say it is the most long wearing eye primer i've tried but it feels nice when applied and makes my shadow apply better. I'd say if you have normal skin and want an affordable primer for everyday use I would recommend picking this up. For more dramatic eye looks that I want to look flawless for a long period of time I probably wouldn't reach for this. 

I'm definitely interested in trying some of the new face primers after liking this one. Have you tried any of the new Collection primers? What is your favourite eye primer?

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